Tips to Get Pregnant

Top 10 Tips to Get Pregnant

You may be searching all over for the best tips to get pregnant. You and your partner have been together for the past years and you want to bear the fruit of your love. However, you never thought that getting pregnant can be this difficult. Some women easily get pregnant without much effort but how come your situation is totally different? You may begin to wonder for the reasons and feel anxious about your body. But before you feel down, try the tips to get pregnant and see how they can help you increase your chances to parenthood.

Tip #1: Understand your ovulation

Ovulation refers to the release of egg cell from the ovary of the female. One of the best tips to get pregnant is to know how to track your ovulation. When you more or less know your fertile days, you can schedule your intimate moments with your partner. There are different ways to do this. You can either rely on the natural methods like the calendar method, basal body temperature and cervical mucus consistency or you can check out the new ovulation predictor kits available in the market. Either way, these methods give you the clue on the best time to get pregnant.

Tip #2: Consult your doctor

Before you get frustrated and you begin searching for the tips to get pregnant, you must first consult your doctor about your condition. Health professionals help you diagnose the reason why it is so difficulty for you to conceive. It can be due to your nutrition, health status or physical condition. If you have existing inflammatory conditions or cyst in the pelvic area, you have to treat these first. Other conditions that might interfere with pregnancy include endometriosis and fibroids. After your initial assessment, your doctor may also check your partner’s health status. Most of the time, the difficulty may be due to the shared physiological problems of both male and female.

Tip #3: Eat right

Another in the top list for the tips to get pregnant is to stay healthy. You need to nourish your body with sufficient nutrients in preparation for the conception. You can fuel up your body with essential vitamins like folic acid and calcium. You may also take vitamin supplements to ensure that you get the correct amount of nutrients.

Tip #4: Live a healthy lifestyle

When you are trying to conceive, you should adapt a healthy lifestyle. The tips to get pregnant include avoiding toxic chemicals coming from cigarette and alcoholic beverages. If you suffer from drug addiction, you better stop it now. Smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction adversely affect your fertility. They also have deleterious effects on your future baby like premature birth, possibility of miscarriages and low birth weight. For men, smoking actually reduces the number of healthy sperm cells.

Tip #5: Relax

It is true that you are searching for the tips to get pregnant but it does not mean that you have to stress out yourself. Otherwise, the undue pressure will make conception even more difficult for you. One of the best tips to get pregnant is to relax and take things easy. Enjoy your sexual encounters with your partner and stop worrying about it. Do not take sex as a function of your reproductive system. Instead, learn to find pleasure in what you are doing. You can also try some mind relaxing techniques such as yoga and pilates to release the tension from your body. When you are more relaxed, the body becomes more conducive for the development of your future baby.

Tip #6: Check your weight.

Overweight and obesity hinder your chances of getting pregnant. But if you are too thin, you should also find ways to correct this. One of the best tips to get pregnant is to maintain a normal body mass index (BMI). You can compute this manually by checking on your height and weight. If you find an abnormal result, you better get yourself back to the desirable range before you start trying.

Tip #7: Get physical.

In connection to tip number 6, you can get back to shape if you include exercise in your regular routine. Physical activities help you burn calories and shed off the excess fats around your body. You can do jogging, swimming, brisk walking and bicycling to achieve your desired weight.

Tip #8: Get rid of myths.

You can find several tips to get pregnant from the internet and from folklore beliefs. However, you should be extra careful before you believe any of these. Some of the advices make it more difficult for you to have a baby. If you want proven methods, always consult your doctor about them.

Tip #9: Do not overdo it.

If you have sex like rabbits, you will also decrease your chances of getting pregnant. The frequent sexual intercourse will deplete the male’s mature and healthy sperms. The key here is to know the right timing. You should have sexual contact every other night around your fertile days. This will ensure that the sperms are fully mature to fertilize the egg cell. Anyway, the healthy sperm cells can live up to 72 hours in the female reproductive tract. That means you have a constant supply inside your uterus in case the egg cell arrives.

Tip # 10: Correct positioning.

Some fertility experts propose that there are correct positions to ensure bull’s eye fertilization. Missionary position or the man on top is considered as the best way to conceive. Right after the sexual contact, try to elevate the hips by placing a pillow under them. Remain in this position for 15 minutes.

After following the tips to get pregnant, you can increase your chances by up to 85%. Couples who followed them reported a successful pregnancy within one year. If you still encounter problems, you always have the option to see a fertility specialist.


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